Open Letter Challenge: Hello World!


open letter challenge v4a 01 Open Letter Challenge: Hello World!

I am participating in the Open Letter Challenge writing contest organized by Josh Irby. The following letter is my response to An Open Letter to You from the Rest of the World.

An Open Letter To the Rest of the World:


Hello World!

I suppose I should introduce myself.  After all, I am just one of the billions of people here on this planet. My name is Melissa.  I’m a wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter.  A lover of coffee and justice.  Just an ordinary girl.  But, my story doesn’t stop there.  While I may be ordinary, I’ve been rescued by an EXTRAORDINARY God.  He shakes my life up a bit, but in a totally great way.

Because I am just one girl in the crowd, sometimes I start to feel insignificant.  My days are full of the mundane.  My hands wash the dishes and laundry, faces and hands, boo-boos and the hurts of today.  Most days are a repeat of yesterday.

However, even when I feel insignificant, I have a place here. I matter.  So do you.  You see, my EXTRAORDINARY God that I mentioned before has a plan for little me.  And little you.  To make His name great.  In the mundane of my hands washing, washing, and washing, He is busy washing too.

He is washing my heart clean as I seek after Him.  He is washing my past, making it a display of His glory.  He is washing my eyes, allowing me to see from His perspective.

This washing, it is holy work.  It may feel mundane, but it allows me to join with Him in what He is doing.

Dishes to wash remind me that I was able to fill a hungry tummy so he can grow big and strong and tell of Him who he is learning about daily.

Those precious hands I wash over and over are a gift – TRULY – as we fought a long hard battle to bring him home from across the ocean. May I never forget how He showed Himself faithful to do what He promises.  May I also never forget those who wait for mothers and fathers, and fight for them with Him.

And oh, may I never forget these hands have the power to hold my little boy, washing away the hurts of the day and our pasts divided, to bring him a glimpse of His peace.  To teach him trust and comfort and security, things he may not have learned in his first two and a half years without anyone to call “Mama” or “Daddy.”

So, world, I invite you to take a good, long, hard look at your hands today.  They do significant things, too.

You matter.  So do I.  Let’s keep reminding each other of this truth.


open letter challenge v4b 01 Open Letter Challenge: Hello World!

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Open Letter Challenge: Hello World! — 16 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing and good luck with the contest. I think Moms have one of the hardest, longest, dirtiest and thankless jobs in the world. So thank you for being that precious little boy’s Mama. May God open up heaven’s storehouse of blessings and pour them all over you!!!

    • Oh, Kelli – you’re too sweet! Thank you so much for the encouraging words, and for stopping by today! Hope to see you again soon!

    • Mel, I often pray that my eyes will see the same thing! It is so easy to get stuck in, buried under the mundane. But God is here, too. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Your comments about a ‘divided past’ and all that time with ‘no one to call mama or daddy’ hit me in the heart. Ours were 2.5 and 4.5 when God brought them home. I often think of our longing for children but I don’t often remember their longing for a family, and for ours it was a massive longing and they have clung on like glue since they came home. I worry that I am not a good enough parent, from their point of view I am awesome and at the very least I am here. Thank you for reminding me the blessings I have and that the jobs I do for my blessings are blessings to. I am blessed to be caring for my beauties. God does amazing things, he gave us the most perfect-for-us children, flawed, failing us!

    • He is so gracious, Gina! I so often take it for granted, and pray that my heart will continue to remember how very blessed I am, even in the midst of the overwhelming ordinary of day to day life! I may not move mountains in the eyes of the world, but to my little boy, I can!

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