So… Summer happened.

I feel like I should introduce myself again.  It’s been that long. The summer happened.  It was crazy.  And full.  And all things hoooot. (And it may have included listening to the Frozen soundtrack a few too many times. IN SUMMMMMMMEEEERRR!)  I’m still reeling from it all, but starting to find my footing again. Obviously, it became the summer of … Read more →

Lifesong Mission Moments: 5 Funding Ideas That Work

This post is part of Lifesong’s Adoption Journey Series. See previous post, “Adoption: 3 Ways to Prepare for the Journey” here.   While nearly two in five practicing Christians have considered adoption, only 5% have actually done it.* What keeps people from growing their families through adoption? One of the biggest barriers to adoption is the cost. Depending on the … Read more →

Give1Save1 Family of the Week!


I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, y’all, and I could just about burst. I’m THRILLED to announce that we are the Give1Save1 Family of the week!!! (And if you just found us through Give1Save1 – Welcome!  We’re so glad to have you here.  Please say “Hi!” so we can meet you!  Feel free to poke around on … Read more →

Summer time…and the livin’ is CRAZY!

2014-07-03 09.08.29

Things have been unusually busy around here.  Actually, that might not be a true statement.  Things have been USUALLY busy for a youth ministry family in the middle of summer while finishing up a international adoption dossier.  Any of you ministry families out there know EXACTLY what I’m talking about! We went yesterday for our USCIS Biometrics appointment (a really … Read more →